When I was a little girl in primary school, I avoided math in favour for locking myself up in a bubble, where I created wonderful stories. I wrote them down, and drew pictures to go with them. My head was almost always overloaded with thoughts and ideas, and I loved telling these stories to others, some less true than the other... I still tell stories, and I still spice them up. Just like I do with my food. And my kombucha. My life in general, I guess... Hang on, are you still with me? If so, I'd like to invite you to my little universe. Bierback's universe. Where I get to mix my biggest passions in life. I create and manage content, I find the perfect side table for your living room. I wish to inspire and share ideas on how to make your everyday a bit more conscious, a bit more sustainable.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or thoughts about the items or my work.

Much love,


Find Emelie Birgersson on  LinkedIn .

Find Emelie Birgersson on LinkedIn.