No have tos, only want tos.

December 25th. Leftovers for lunch for sure. Santa came. We went to bed at 11PM last night because exhausted (and we didn't even have to do anything as my mother and sister were the ones organising it all). Almost every year, I get the Christmas blues. All kinds of feelings flow over me like hard waves, and I'd prefer crawling up in my bed not doing anything.

Christmas often includes a lot of have tos. A bunch of wishes. Way too high expectations. Thinking of those who has it way worse than ourselves. No wonder our minds and bodies can't handle it all. It happened this Christmas too, and it i got me to think about how I seriously need to replace one phrase, with another. Not only during Christmas, but all year around. Starting today.

I have to. There's so much I have to. I have to pay my bills. I have to do the dishes. I have to book an appointment at the dentist. Emelie, stop. Just stop. All these have tos have such a negative sounding and impact on my mind. I feel tired just thinking of them. The plan is, to replace them with want tos. Because I actually do want to pay my bills, I kind of want to do the dishes (because I do like it when our kitchen is nice and tidy) and I definitely want to book an appointment at the dentist as I know I need braces to not end up with one tooth infront of another.

It sounds simple. It should be simple. And to me it's one of the most important things to focus on in 2018. What are your plans on keeping your mind clear, to stay sane and feel good? Please share your thoughts, even if they seem obvious. It's so easy to get lost and not see clearly.

We're taking a short break, breathing the fresh air at my parent's in Sweden, recharging batteries with my mothers cooking, walks on the beach and maybe, just maybe, stocking up with some fine, pre-loved items.

Best of luck,


Mellbystrand, Sweden. No filter.

Mellbystrand, Sweden. No filter.