"Are you gonna have any babies soon?" my colleague asked and I froze. Was that a trick question? What's a good comeback to that? "Kombucha babies, I mean" she corrected herself to my relief and sudden joy. I love growing babies. I love watching them get thicker. I love experimenting with amounts of sugar and bottling. I also love sharing them with others. I guess you could say I've become a parent who share babies.

Now I see where you get confused. But I am talking about kombucha baby scobys. I am. When you brew your kombucha, your scoby will (hopefully) grow a new little scoby, that can be removed once it's big enough. I adopted a very healthy scoby from Hanne Robinson some time ago, from which I've grown several new babies. But the last few times, I've poured out the little slimy bits from the bottles with my strained kombucha, and managed to grow beautiful, clear, white and thick new babies. It is so satisfying to see them grow so quickly, and even more satisfying to brew the first "big" batch with them, as they are full of life - in that very good way!

To grow your own kombucha baby from "scratch" I have a few tips:

  • Instead of throwing the slimy lumps away when straining your drink into a glass, save them in a jar with 1 dl of kombucha from a previous batch in the fridge.
  • When it's time to brew, add 2 dl of the sugar and tea batch to the jar, cover and let stand just like you normally would.
  • Be amazed over how quickly it grows.
  • I'm using a rather small and narrow jar, for the scoby to grow fat and cute. Yes. I said it. I think they are cute.

This means that my old and faithful scobys now soon can retire. And leave room for new, cool, cultural babies.

If you're curious and would like to try brewing your own kombucha, get in touch. Killing a scoby is hard, growing and nursing a baby is easy and fun.