Trådig doesn't mean "tradig"

Where I come from in Sweden, something annoying and boring can be referred to as "tradigt". This fruit bowl from IKEA was designed by Ehlén Johansson and came out in 2010. I only found out because when buying it from a girl at a flea market, I looked at it whilst turning it upside down and around, trying to figure out what it actually was. Yes, a swede doesn't need to know all of IKEAs products by heart. "It's a fruit basket!" she explained, and I thought "to you maybe".

See, things aren't always what they seem to be. Which is why I've used this fruit basket as a lamp shade. As I don't have any pictures of it hanging, I can only direct you to this link to get some inspiration.

T R Å D I G  F R U I T  B A S K E T  /  L A M P  S H A D E
More pictures to do it justice. Buy it here.