Fireweed Cordial

I thought it had gone bad. I really did. But when straining it before throwing it out, I had a taste and could to my surprise state that I was wrong. The cordial had turned out just fine!

Cordial might not be the first thing that comes to mind when driving past the dark pink flowers growing close to train tracks and in the roadsides. The amount of sugar you use probably takes out all the healthy benefits it has, but hey, I just find it rather exciting to make cordial of flowers.


What you need

  • 20 big fireweed heads
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • the juice from 10 small lemons (ca 250 g lemon juice)
  • 1,7 litres water 
  • 1,5 kg granulated sugar

How to

Shake and rinse the heads with some water. Pick the flowers of the stalks and place in a big glass container. Boil together water and sugar until clear. Add the lemon juice and sliced lemons to the flowers. Pour over the hot sugar water and stir. Cover and place dry, dark and cool for five to seven days. Stir every day. Prepare your bottles by cleaning them properly. Strain the elderflower cordial into the bottles (I always strain it into a jug, like this one from IKEA, first as it makes the pouring a little easier) using a muslin, make sure to squeeze out all the juice. Store in the fridge for up to three weeks, and to save the tastes of summer even longer, keep some if the freezer.

Much love,