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Now here’s the thing. We spent one week in February in Sharm el-Sheikh, doing next to nothing. Because that is what we needed. Sun. Salty swims. Slow days. And all-inclusive.

This is why we kind of don’t want to call this a guide, as we spent most of the days next to the pool or in it. Still, there are a few things we’d like to share as Sharm el-Sheikh is not what it used to be.


Since the terrorist attacks in 2005, the city and it’s people are working on getting the tourists back. Many hotels are stuck being half-way built, the holes for windows let you get a sneak peek of pools that should have been filled with playing kids. On the surface Sharm el-Sheikh looks a bit rough, and I must admit we didn’t meet that many smiling faces when walking the streets, but we never felt unsafe. We also got the feeling that with time, both the smiles and the tourists will be back.

Sharm el-Sheikh offers exciting dives, much needed relaxation and great comfort to you who seek a holiday where you charge your batteries and load up on vitamin D. Below you’ll find our top tips on where to stay, eat and what to do. If you want to do something.

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Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Located the furthest south one can get in Naama Bay, Stella di Mare offers a relaxed and secluded stay. You’re a 35 minute walk from the main walking street in Naama Bay where you’ll find restaurants and more hotels, but as the hotel offers a great all-inclusive option, there’s really no need to leave. Unless you get tired of swimming in the pool, joining in in the water aerobic activities, snorkelling amongst eye catching fish and eating all the food you have the guts to order.

We mostly enjoyed the comfy beds, and were almost always the first ones to attend breakfast after a good night’s sleep. As the breakfast buffet stayed open from 7 AM to 10 AM, we weren’t shy to enjoy a second breakfast before heading back to the pool… At dinner we found the asian restaurant to be the best, and could easily have eaten there every night.

We didn’t try the SPA treatments as we found them a bit pricey, but the staff was super friendly and helpful.


In February the weather was good. Mostly warm, but also a few days that were a bit cloudy. Some of the evenings got a bit chilly too, especially when we were out in the desert.

In February the weather was good. Mostly warm, but also a few days that were a bit cloudy. Some of the evenings got a bit chilly too, especially when we were out in the desert.

Post-tanning/pre-dinner calm.

Post-tanning/pre-dinner calm.


Mövenpick Resort, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. If we ever visit Sharm again, we’ll stay at Mövenpick Resort. Mostly to have dinner at Rangoli, their Indian restaurant. Wether you’re staying at the resort or not, it’s worth a visit. Enjoy the colours that fill the sky as the sun sets and prepare to have the best butter chicken you’ve ever tasted.




Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Yes, the hotel you’re staying at will try to convince you to book the full package with star gazing, quad bikes and what not. We didn’t find that interesting at all but decided to try the Bedouin dinner.

Late in the afternoon we were driven to the foot of the mountains where we were taken care of by the sweetest hosts. Yes, we had paid extra for the “VIP treatment” and it was worth those few extra dollars. We walked around for a bit and climbed up as far as we could (wearing Birkenstocks) to enjoy the view.

During dinner there was entertainment with traditional dancers that gave quite a show under the million stars on the pitch dark sky. I must say it was quite romantic and a very nice experience. The colours were amazing and the food was simple but super tasty. Grilled rice, vegetables, kofta and chicken.



Mövenpick Resort, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Even if my horse tried to kick me off a couple of times, probably grumpy for having to get up so early, this was a wonderful way to wake up. We booked in a session at Mövenpick Resort where we showed up at 6 AM, to avoid getting too hot. The horses are all very sweet and so are the teachers.