Open House on December 16th

Come breathe with us on December 16th.

Come breathe with us on December 16th.

I know it’s hard to find time for everything. There’s never enough time. Especially the weeks leading up to Christmas, where I find many people (including myself) stressing over all the fun and Christmassy stuff that has to be done. Baking, shopping presents, getting a tree, decorating… whilst you still have all those every day things to do, like go to work, pick up the kids from school, empty the dishwasher. With this in mind I’m not sorry to add another thing that we think you should do to the list.

I think you should come visit us for our open house here in Copenhagen Nordvest on December 16th. The doors will be open between 11AM and 2PM. There will be glögg, some snacks, a 10% discount on any purchase and you’ll have the chance to see everything we have for sale, and also the stuff that hasn’t been added to the shop yet. But most importantly: I want you to take a seat in our sofa, take a long and deep breath, and do nothing for two minutes minimum. Take the opportunity to do nothing for a short while, and just breathe. Find your breath again, and just enjoy feeling the air flow in and out of your body.

The address is Ørnevej 66 and we look forward in seeing you. If you have any questions you’re welcome to send us a message on Instagram or write me an e-mail on

Merry Christmas!