Amber Glass Cup Sets | #160

Amber Glass Cup Sets | #160

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Invite your favourite people for coffee or tea served in these french glass cups from Vereco. We have two sets available. One with five smaller coffee cups and plates, the other with six bigger tea cups with plates.

Two of the smaller plates has some small chips. One of the bigger cups has one small chip, and two of the bigger plates has a couple of tiny chips.

Measures: Coffee cups H 5 cm, Ø 9 cm, Coffee plates 13,5 Ø cm, Tea Cups H 6 cm, Ø 10,5 cm, Tea Plates Ø 15 cm
Price: 275 DKK for the coffee cup set, 395 DKK for the tea cup set

Delivery info: This item is available for pickup in Copenhagen NV. Chose In-Store Pickup at the check out.

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