Burgundy Armchair | #211

Burgundy Armchair | #211


Super comfortable and big armchair. The previous owner had a cat, which you can tell by some scratch marks on the back. One of the legs is a bit loose, but this doesn’t affect the stability. These minor flaws are reflected in the price.

The color is very difficult to capture, and it looks slightly more red in the pictures, when it’s more burgundy IRL.

Measures: W 90 cm, H 90 cm, L 80 cm, SH 43 cm
Price: 795 DKK
Location: Copenhagen NV

Delivery info: Most items can be picked-up in Copenhagen NV, or delivered by bike to a small cost. If you want your item shipped, please send an e-mail to emelie@bierbacks.com - shipping costs are to be covered by the buyer.

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