Floor Vase West Germany | #75

Floor Vase West Germany | #75


Stunning vases, all marked West Germany.

One mustard yellow vase with a super tiny chip. Stunning color. 42 cm tall.

Two beautiful floor vases by Scheurich, both marked W. Germany 268-40. They are in perfect condition, one with a matte finish, the other with a more glossy finish (SOLD). 70's design at it's best. 40 cm tall.

One beige Jura vase, also in perfect condition. Works just as well as an umbrella holder. 40 cm tall.

Measures: H 40-42 cm cm, Ø 13 cm
Price: 475 DKK
Quantity: Dark brown (SOLD OUT), Light brown, Beige, Mustard Yellow

Delivery info: These items are currently located for pick-up in Copenhagen NV.

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