Mirror with Glass Shelf | #26

Mirror with Glass Shelf | #26


The glass plate that is placed on the metal holders, making the shelf, is wrapped in a German newspaper from 1977. Reading the housing ads, it's har not to try and picture why it was packed away, to be placed on a loft somewhere, not seeing a single face in 40 years. No wonder it looks a bit sad... Just like cars should be driven and houses lived in, I believe that mirrors stay alive by reflecting faces and feelings.

This square mirror is 50 by 50 cm, the shelf 10 cm when folded out. It has some fine details, but also marks of age.

Measures: H 50 cm, W 50 cm, D 10 cm
Price: 395 DKK

Delivery info: Most items can be picked-up in central Copenhagen, or delivered by bike to a small cost. If you want your item shipped, please send an e-mail to emelie@bierbacks.com - shipping costs are to be covered by the buyer.

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