Various Mirrors | #171

Various Mirrors | #171

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Various mirrors in different sizes, shapes and styles.

Style: Light teak frame
Measures: H 86 cm, W 36 cm
Price: 345 DKK, NOW ON SALE: 195 DKK
Description: Teak mirror from Eriksmålaglas. Slight shading, some marks, see detailed pictures.
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Dark frame with curves
Measures: H 97 cm, W 43 cm
Price: 475 DKK, NOW ON SALE: 245 DKK
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Golden frame
Measures: H 56 cm, W 38 cm
Price: 275 DKK, NOW ON SALE: 95 DKK
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Gold details
Measures: H 93 cm, W 43 cm
Price: 575 DKK, NOW ON SALE: 275 DKK
Description: Mirror in two parts where the top is decorated with beautiful gold details.
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Small and neat
Measures: H 51 cm, W 40 cm
Price: 295 DKK, NOW ON SALE: 145 DKK (SOLD)
Description: Neat mirror from Eriksmålaglas.
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Bamboo frame
Measures: H 124 cm, W 69 cm
Price: 375 DKK (SOLD)
Location: Copenhagen NV

Style: Heavy rectangular frame
Measures: H 90 cm, W 45 cm
Price: 475 DKK (SOLD)
Location: Copenhagen NV

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