West Germany Vases | #132

West Germany Vases | #132

from 175.00

Various vases marked West Germany. Please see the descriptions below, the images are displayed in order, and new styles are added as we find them.

Style: Brown
Measures: H 20 cm
Price: 325 DKK
Quantity available: 1

Style: Yellow and brown  
 H 14 cm
Price: 175 DKK
Quantity available: 1
Note: The vase has a few chips in the bottom, hence the lowered price.

Delivery info: Most items can be picked-up in Copenhagen NV, or delivered in the areas close by with bike to a small cost. If you want your item shipped, please send an e-mail to emelie@bierbacks.com before you buy - shipping costs are to be covered by the buyer.

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