So here's the deal. The spare room in our flat don't have much room to spare. And I'm keen on getting event more stuff so we've realised we need to upgrade. What we're looking for is a rough-around-the-edges, not necessarily well located, but preferably cheap space in Copenhagen Nordvest. We need about 40 m2 and as we plan on carrying sometimes large furniture in and out out it, a decent sized door is needed. And street level would be great, for above reasons as well.

Apart from that, we're open to sharing with others as well as having something of our own. We don't need any shop windows (even if we wouldn't say no to it), but at least we should be able to bring people inside to look at the items they're interested in.

If you know of anything, please hit us up on and we will pay you in Swedish delicacies and eternal gratefulness.

Much love,